‘Add-On Roofing’  ¤  the above images relate to Cedar Shingles as an ‘Add-on Optional Item’ to your chosen Home Mode!  

“A unique feature of our Home Package, is that we provide Add-On items to further add to the owners own individual style/ design.”

David G

Originating from our manufacturing mills in Canada, that utilizes only Western Red Cedar, as it is one of the most ‘rot resistant’ species of wood/lumber on earth.  Western Red Cedar natural durability has been used for centuries and is registered under UL-2218 Class 3 and 4 Impact Zones – meaning it is impact-durable against such impacts as hail-stones.


⇒      Withstands hurricane winds of 245 MPH,

⇒      High degree of Rot-resistance,

⇒      Sophisticated aesthetic appeal – in multiple color selection,

⇒      R-Value of 19% – roof thermal protection.




CONTACT US  ¬  To learn more on applying this unique Add-On feature to your Lux PreCreate Home Model.

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