‘Add-On Cement Pattern Driveway’  ¤  the above images relate to Cement Pattern Driveway as an ‘Add-on Optional Item’ to your chosen Home Mode!  

“A unique feature of our Home Package, is that we provide Add-On items to further add to the owners own individual style/ design.”

David G

Another great ‘Add-On’ is our European Colored Concrete Patterned Systems.  Providing a high level of durability by solid concrete formation — that is then colored and accented with the pattern of your desire.  The finished product is then resin coated for a polished long-lasting effect.  This system is ideal for heavy trafficked outdoor areas such as driveways, and its durability is well suited for Coastal Regions, and  High Impact Zones.


⇒     Durable concrete and steel rebar formation,

⇒     Wide selection of pattern designs,

⇒     Sophisticated aesthetic appeal – in multiple color selection,

⇒     Includes 20-year warranty.




CONTACT US  ¬  To learn more on applying this unique Add-On feature to your Lux PreCreate Home Model.

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