‘Add-On Solar Power System’  ¤  the above images relate to Solar Power System as an ‘Add-on Optional Item’ to your chosen Home Mode!  

“A unique feature of our Home Package, is that we provide Add-On items to further add to the owners own individual style/ design.”

David G

Another great ‘Add-On’ is our Solar Power System.  This system is geared to provide temporary power to both : ‘key-areas’ and ‘critical-areas’ of the home during occasional power outages and power outages during hurricanes.  For example during normal power outages, some of the ‘key-areas‘  that need power would be Security Systems, Lighting in relevant areas,  and Electricity to key units (excluding high power units like refrigerators).  During a hurricane, the power outage might be longer, so proper use would be to establish a ‘Power Wall’ that extends from the kitchen to a nearby room —and anything that is plugged into that ‘Power Wall System’ is supplied with solar energy.  NOTE:-  your power consumption factor has to be measured in order to provide the relevant system especially if high power units are being considered. 


⇒     Customized to your needs based on your energy requirements,

⇒     Certified full solar-system is provided, including transfer switch and energy meter,

⇒     Includes aluminum mounting rack for panels,

⇒     Includes 8-year warranty.




CONTACT US  ¬  To learn more on applying this unique Add-On feature to your Lux PreCreate Home Model.

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